Copy of FAQS


When do boxes ship?

Since many of our boxes have to travel long distances we mostly ship on Monday and Tuesday. Delivery service is not reliable over the weekend and we don’t want your precious cargo to be stranded somewhere. If you make an order on a Wednesday and are further than a 2 day delivery your order won’t be packed or shipped until the following Monday. Thanks for understanding out process! For more information see out Shipping Page.

Why are so many products out of stock?

We’re not a feedlot! It’s a very tricky business keeping products in stock and meeting demand. We are a family owned operation and do everything with care. We also truly embrace the Nose to Tail way of life and utilize every single piece of the animal, including the bones. When we break down a steer, for example, we need to sell each of the cuts or else we’d stockpile a bunch of one thing or another. It’s not good for respecting the animal nor is it good business to waste.

How do Custom Boxes work?

You can create your own box from individual products here. Our featured boxes are a better deal, but if you can’t find exactly what you want these are a great option and are still a great price considering our premium product.

The minimum for a custom box is 15 lbs.

Please note you must get 15 lbs of fresh meat or your order will not ship. If you are ordering other products there is no minimum. However, once you add 1 item of fresh meat, you must get 15 lbs to create a box.

Why are there separate product and shipping limits?

We have 2 completely separate facilities, our fresh meat is from our ranch in Texas, and all other products ship out of Ohio. You will need to essentially create 2 different orders if you want to buy products across these facilities but can pay for them at one time. This means 2 different shipping times and costs. For each facility/product line you can get free shipping if you hit the minimum requirements.


When do packages ship?

For the vast majority of orders we ship the same day you purchase Monday – Friday. Our facility is in Ohio and the average shipping time is 3 days.

Why are there 2 shipping charges?

We have 2 completely separate shipping facilities. Our fresh meat ships from our ranch in Texas and everything else ships from our facility in Ohio.

The exception to this is our seasoning blends. These can be added onto fresh meat boxes with no extra shipping cost because they are supplied out of both shipping locations.

Otherwise, we need to ship separately and there are 2 different fees and shipping times.