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The Super Pork Bundle

The Super Pork Bundle

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A Journey of Flavor, Health, and Tradition

Dive into a culinary adventure with the Super Pork Bundle. Savor the richness of pastured, low PUFA Pork, nurtured on a corn and soy-free diet, straight from the heart of Texas. This bundle is not just about enjoying pork, it's about embracing a story of dedication, quality, and a deep respect for nature.

Every month, for three months, a shipment of approximately 25lbs of our finest pork will arrive at your doorstep, totaling a hearty 75lbs. Tailor your experience with customizable options, and indulge in a variety of cuts that promise a symphony of flavors.

We respect the balance of nature and strive to honor the Nose to Tail way of eating, ensuring that all cuts are utilized and cherished. While certain premium cuts like our Boneless Chops and Pork Steaks come with limited customization options, the essence of our promise remains – to deliver quality, taste, and a touch of our farm's passion to your table.

What's in the Bundle?

Your Super Pork Bundle is a testament to our journey, our dedication, and the trust you place in us with every purchase. Here's a glimpse of what each box may include:

  • 2lbs of Low PUFA Primal Ground Pork with Organs
  • 4lbs of Low PUFA Pork Bratwurst
  • 3lbs of Low PUFA Ground Pork
  • 4lbs of Low PUFA Pork Breakfast Sausage Links
  • 3lbs+ of Low PUFA Boneless Pork Chops
  • 4.5lbs of Low PUFA Bone-In Pork Shoulder Steaks
  • 6lbs+ of Low PUFA Pork Soup Bones

*Please note: The contents are subject to slight variations to stay true to our ethical and sustainable farming practices. We guarantee the value and quality in each box, and the total weight will always meet or exceed 25lbs per shipment.

This comes out to roughly 10 dollars per pound of the highest quality, well-raised pork on the market. 

Flexible and Convenient

Choose your pace. Receive your bundles monthly, or adjust the schedule within 3 months of purchase to suit your needs. Whether you crave the steady rhythm of monthly delights or wish to indulge all at once, we cater to your preferences with grace and flexibility.

The Story Behind Every Bite

In 2015, our journey began with a dream and a steadfast commitment to ethical farming. Each choice, from rejecting antibiotics and hormones to adopting a non-GMO, corn-free, and soy-free diet for our animals, was made with you and our planet in mind. This bundle is more than just meat; it's a part of our story, our heart, and our promise to bring you nothing but the best.

Join the Journey

Embrace the Super Pork Bundle today. Choose not just quality and flavor, but a lifestyle that honors tradition, respects nature, and cherishes every part of the journey. Thank you for being a pivotal part of our story and for choosing a path that leads to health, happiness, and unparalleled taste.

Shipping for first box will be included on first order, and charged the same rate for each further box, based on your location. 

*Box contents may vary slightly, ensuring you receive the best of our farm while honoring the Nose to Tail philosophy.

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