Shipping Information 2023

How Our Shipping Works
We do our best to provide you with the best shipping services currently available. We send out products our of two locations (Ranches in Texas and Ohio). Due to this nature, your order may have two shipping charges associated with it. 

For Fresh Meat orders, we will split the shipping charge with you, which is determined by the location of where the order is being delivered. For all other products, if you order over $75, Free Shipping is included. 

Product Availability:
Please note that we prioritize quality over quantity. Our approach to regenerative animal agriculture takes time and care. Sometimes, certain cuts may be temporarily out of stock. If an item is unavailable, you can choose to wait or explore suitable alternatives.

Shipping Schedule:
Orders requiring longer transit times, such as those to the East and West coasts, are typically shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays. Orders placed between late Tuesday and Friday will be packed and shipped the following Monday to ensure freshness and quality of delivery. 

Shipping Details:
Fresh meat orders require a minimum of 15 lbs. We share the shipping cost – a reasonable fee considering the careful insulation and cooling methods we use. Your meat order is our responsibility until it reaches you safely.

Frozen Assurance:
We've meticulously designed and tested our shipping methods to guarantee your meat arrives in top condition. While rare, slight thawing is safe; use a meat thermometer to ensure it's below 50°F. If issues arise due to shipping, please email us at with details for prompt resolution.

Partial Thawing:
In hot weather, minimal thawing might occur. If meat arrives slightly thawed, it's still safe and maintains its quality. Use a meat thermometer to assess. Larger orders fare better during shipping and enjoy discounts. 

Delays and Precautions:
Unforeseen events like weather or holidays might cause transit delays. Our packaging is designed to handle over 48 hours of delay. We may need to delay the order if weather is too dangerous to guarantee a delivery and will notify you of a delay.

Receiving Your Order:
Ensure someone is available to receive the package at the address. Once the shipping employee (UPS, USPS, etc.) delivers the package to the correct location, it is up to you to receive it in a timely manner and safely. 

Shipping Range:
Currently, we only ship within the United States. Stay tuned for updates on shipping to Canada. For inquiries, reach out to us at

Multiple Shipping Facilities:
Fresh meat is shipped from our Texas ranch, while other products come from our Ohio facility. Seasoning blends are an exception, available in both locations without added shipping cost.