With each purchase, you become a part of a movement that supports the restoration of ecosystems, the well-being of animals, and the nourishment of your body.

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  • We estimate the number of animals needed

    We are not a feed lot! Every 2-4
    weeks we move the appropriate
    number of animals into rotation.

    Each harvest may be different from the last and although this means we may not always have a perfect supply of each cut you are looking for, we encourage you to eat a range of our cuts and meats, you'll be surprised how delicious they are!

  • We produce nutrient-dense, nose to tail cuts

    Next we move our animals to a USDA
    certified processing facility to make our custom nose to tail cuts and mixes.

    ​This not only leads to less waste, but greater nutrition! You get more vitamins and bioavailable minerals while helping the environment!

  • We custom pack & deliver to your door

    We put together each box by hand to your specifications and insulate it well for its journey.

    Finally, it gets to you fresh & frosty
    (not in a tractor!), ready for you to enjoy. Just get it into the freezer


Our animals are raised grass-fed and grass-finished for their whole lives. This is how ruminants have lived for all of time, and we are simply letting nature do its thing.

Grass-fed is the most environmentally friendly way to raise animals while providing the purest, most nutrient dense food for humans.

We have always been committed from the start to raising the healthiest animals we can, since this produces the highest quality meat for you.

We care for our Earth and use holistic management practices to regenerate the soil and land on our farms. And for our pigs and chickens, we feed them a special low PUFA diet so we can get the healthiest fatty acid profile possible!


    Grass-fed animals provide better nutrition and essential fatty acid profiles that are optimal for humans.

    Healthy animals make for healthy meat and healthy meat makes for healthy humans!

    Grain fed animals do not provide us with the ideal nutrition, and that’s why we care so much about making our meat as nutrient dense as we can!


    Animals and the earth work in symbiosis – it’s a give and take!

    When our animals graze on pasture, they are participating in the natural cycle of taking nutrients from the plants and recycling them to the earth to make for healthy soil to feed the plants once again.

    This is essential to the health of our land and feeding our animals.


    Grasslands are the right environment to provide the best diet for our animals.

    When animals are fed grains or by-product based feeds they are depleted of many nutrients, and their essential fatty acid profiles go out of whack.

    Just like humans need proper nutrition, animals do too. Put simply, grasslands provide the full spectrum of nutrients our animals need to thrive.


We take our farming practices seriously. We provide the optimal living environment for our animals and raise them with love and respect.

We know that this is translates into the most delicious and nutrient dense meat for humans to eat.

Once you experience the taste our superior products, it will be extremely hard to go back to what you were eating before. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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This is a good question! It may seem a little odd at first in our modern society but humans have eaten this way for hundreds of thousands of years and even millions of years as pre-humans. Take a look in any cookbook before about 1950 and you’ll see organ meats & odds-n-ends included in "normal" day-to-day fare.