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20lbs Organ Blend Beef Box

20lbs Organ Blend Beef Box

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A Nutrient-Rich Feast!

Unlock the full potential of 100% Grass-Finished Ground Beef with our carefully curated 20lbs organ blend and ground beef box, sourced from the lush, regenerative pastures of Texas. Elevate your culinary experience with a unique combination of premium beef, including 10% of nutrient-packed Liver, Heart, Kidney, and Spleen.

This box will include: 

  • 10lbs of Grass-Finished Ground Beef
  • 10lbs of Grass-Finished Primal Ground with 10% Liver, Heart, Kidney and Spleen

This is not "grass-fed" beef. It is "wild-crafted, grass-finished" Healthy, thriving cows, eating over 100 species of natural, healthy foliage, outside. 

No antibiotics, no mRNA vaccines, no B.S. 

Yes, it is more expensive than Whole Foods "grass-fed" beef.

Because it is not just grass-fed. It is truly unlike any other meat on the market. No need to supplement as it is full of 50,000+ secondary compounds, nutrient dense, from animals raised in the best possible way. 

Want to see where the ranchers and land that the animal lives on (and maybe even your cow)? Click here

Why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in extraordinary nourishment? Our Primal Blend is more than just ground beef – it's a symphony of flavors and health benefits. Each bite is a celebration of wholesome goodness, providing you with the highest quality, locally raised meat that your body deserves.

Sustainably sourced, expertly crafted, and delivered straight to your door, our Primal Blend is your passport to a healthier lifestyle. Make every meal an opportunity to fuel your body with the richness of nature. Welcome to a new era of culinary delight and well-being – seize it with our Primal Blend today!

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