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Nose to Tail | Grass-fed beef | Animal-based bodycare

Large Beef Box

Large Beef Box

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The Large Beef Box -This is the ultimate beef box - the best of the best. With this box, there’s no need to take that multivitamin everyday, get it straight from nature with our quality nose to tail, nutrient dense meat from the heart of Texas. 

This is not "grass-fed" beef. It is "wild-crafted, grass-finished" Healthy, thriving cows, eating over 100 species of natural, healthy foliage, outside. 

No antibiotics, no mRNA vaccines, no B.S. 

Yes, it is more expensive than Whole Foods "grass-fed" beef.

Because it is not just grass-fed. It is truly unlike any other meat on the market. No need to supplement as it is full of 50,000+ secondary compounds, nutrient dense, from animals raised in the best possible way. 

Want to see where the ranchers and land that the animal lives on (and maybe even your cow)? Click here

Not only does our beef regenerate you in the best possible manner, but also the land they graze on. Healthy animals, healthy planet. Healthy YOU!

We will make an epic collection of various products from our collection, including several types of cuts, grounds and the like. Expect to get your fair share of ground meat, primal ground meat, roasts, sausages, and steaks.

We guarantee that you will get the correct value of meat for the price you pay (and at a discounted rate) but will sometimes need to switch out steak cuts, sausage types, etc. This helps us stay true to the Nose to Tail way of eating to ensure all cuts get used. 

Here is what this box will look like:

  • 6lbs of Grass-Finished Ground Beef
  • 4lbs of our Primal Ground Beef with Liver, Heart, Kidney and Spleen
  • 3lbs of Grass-Finished Chopped Beef Stew Meat/Cubed Meat
  • Approx 4lbs of Grass-Finished Beef T-Bone or Prime Steak
  • Approx 6lbs of Grass Finished Beef Arm Roast/Chuck Roast
  • Approx 2lbs of Grass-Finished Beef Sirloin or Flank Steak

Every one of these boxes will offer a significant discount to thank you for helping us balance out our process and sales, allowing you to take part in truly living a Nose to Tail life. (approx 25+lbs)

Want other items? Feel free to add as many as you'd like on your order, whether that's more meat or other items. 

*Box may not include items that are in the item image

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