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Belle Plaine | Handmade Beef Tallow Lip Balm | Unscented

Belle Plaine | Handmade Beef Tallow Lip Balm | Unscented

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Elevate your lip care routine with our Tallow-Based Lip Balm, crafted in small batches to ensure exceptional quality and purity. Our lip balm features the nourishing essence of grass-fed beef tallow, known for its exceptional moisturizing properties.

What sets us apart is our use of 100% essential oils, avoiding artificial "natural flavors." This guarantees a wholesome, aromatic experience free from synthetic fragrances. Indulge in the luxury of of our tallow balm, and let your lips experience the natural, nourishing care they deserve.

Say goodbye to artificial additives and hello to pure, unmatched moisture. Your lips will thank you for it.


Belle Plaine translates to “beautiful plain” from French and that’s a very fitting description for this pure and simple product. It’s also the name of a small town in Minnesota that raises a lot of livestock and some would consider life to be pretty simple there This soap made with just grass-fed beef tallow and olive oil is for the purist who enjoys such simplicity.

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