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Livervors | Droewors w- Liver | Air Dried Beef Sausage w- Organs

Livervors | Droewors w- Liver | Air Dried Beef Sausage w- Organs

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We took our famous droewors and added 30% grass-fed liver for a huge boost in nutrition.

One of the best ways to get organ meats in your diet in a tasty and convenient snack!   TRADITIONAL Our traditional flavor pays tribute to the seasonings and methods South Africans have been using for centuries. The simple & distinct taste celebrates the premium grass fed beef and traditional preparation methods. 

INGREDIENTS:  Beef, Beef Liver, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Roasted Coriander, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Pepper, Clove Stuffed in a Collagen casing Net Weight 4 oz  

Droewors is a traditional South African air-dried sausage that’s tender and all-natural. It’s unlike any product made in the US (please don’t compare it to a Slim Jim). It is air-dried for 7 days at low temperatures instead of rapidly dehydrated at high temperatures like jerky products. We also use no sugar, curing agents, nitrates, or any other artificial ingredients. It’s a delicious snack that provides a bunch of nutrients and will keep you full. Eat it on the go or with a meal!


We use traditional South African recipes here in the US to create the easiest & most delicious way to enjoy healthy, whole foods on the go We source the finest grass-fed beef from ranchers using traditional and natural farming methods. We then season long strips of select cuts of meat and hang them in custom-designed drying rooms to simulate the natural climatic conditions on cool, dry South African plateau regions. After 7 days of drying we slice and ship out our product to you, straight from our facility for maximum freshness.

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